Remote Alaska WE ARE GPS INC. A SMALL company doing BIG things.


GPS Inc. was incorporated in 1992 and has completed a vast number of surveying and mapping projects over the years. In 1994 we began surveying and platting Allotment Surveys, Rectangular Surveys, and 14(c) reconveyance lands acquired through the ANCSA act. Out of the 208 villages in the State of Alaska, GPS Inc. has mapped 177 village community profiles.

Below you can see our history of projects mapped on Google Earth. If you are using the free to download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, you will be able to access an interactive map which provides details on the various projects. If you are using any other type of browser, we have provided a snap shot of the map which displays the locations all of our projects.


  1. Select a Project Type from the drop down menu.
    This will allow you to view the various locations per project type that we have surveyed over the years. A list of locations will appear in the left panel next to the Google Map.
  2. Select one of our project locations.
    Upon selection, the Google Earth map will show the locations surveyed.